Thursday, March 3, 2011

French Inspired Tablescape

I find french themed anything so decadent...I don't know whether it's the warm inviting color palate or the thought of French cuisine in the conerstone of my mind that makes me always enjoy European inspired accents. I transformed this table from a light oak staind to a more dramatic espresso bottom and burnt red top. I chose black chairs to keep it grounded and pick up on the scroll pattern on the salad plates. By combining black and brown it creates a neutral palate for the bolder table top.

The centerpiece is a composition of a topiary and two black wrought iron candle sticks (very French). When deciding what you'd like your centerpiece to be it is important to have a variety of heights. This centerpiece works because the topiary is significantly taller than the candlesticks. If they were the same height it would look too flat lined. 
The table runner is black satin. I bunched it up a bit in the center to add elegance and to further enchance the shine of the fabric. The table runner also acts as placemats for the dominant ends of the table, because the table is round it is difficult to portray dominant seating.  In addition, you create "ends" without being distant from your dinner guests. 

For the place settings I started with a rattan charger and then used a stark white dinner plate (the french love white dinner wear because food pops off of white so no matter the dish it is always a perfect canvas) on top of the dinner plate I added a focal point with a scroll patterned salad plate. To complete the look I took hand crafted wood bowls and added preserved moss to each place setting. This way the place setting picks up on the green in the centerpiece and adds a touch of nature (without the maintenance).

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