Saturday, January 8, 2011

For The Love of Mackensie-Childs

Mackensie-Childs has been a evolutionary designer for 20+ years bringing fun one-of-a-kind furnishings to a large marketplace. Her collections are recognized for their French flare and bursts of color that make you feel like a child in a fairy-tale. Although her items do cost a pretty penny you'll find that some of them are worth the splurge!

Youthful yet sophisticated a tea set that makes me want to visit the Mad Hatter and follow a white rabbit...oh the possibilities!

These canisters are great for a neutral traditional look! place them on a kitchen counter or a baker's wrack for storage with a flare.

Mackensie Childs Spring 2010 collection: hand painted details make each piece unique! The checkerboard pattern around the lip of the lid allows the spring colors to sing with protest to the harshness of the winter.

These plates hypnotize me with their beauty! Is it just me or is the room spinning!

This photo makes me happy to be a woman! The bright pink flowers adorned in a Mackensie Childs pastel vase is so feminine. If this was my vanity I'd be more than happy to tackle my morning routine... again and again and again.
 New Spring 2011 collection! French, flirty and colorful pieces that will liven up any table! I love the cake dish it's so elegant with the crystal knob and checkered base. This women must have an angel for a muse!

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