Saturday, January 8, 2011

Displaying the Unexpected

Why break the bank buying a piece of art when you can get the same effect by hanging color coordinated plates, pots, utensils or even gaassp cake pans. 
Hanging plates on a wall in a gallery setting adds a splash of juvenility without looking childish. Plates range in prices allowing you to pick and choose which saucer best fits your needs and tastes. 
Source:; The above picture is a perfect placement of subtle shades and artful bouquets that seem to branch outward into a mind boggling show case. When guests enter your space and see china displayed in a gallery setting they will wonder how you came up will such a fun and inspirational idea all on your own. 
Source:; Plates are no longer your grandmothers accessory. They have become more modernized and youthful over the years allowing for inspirational color palates. In the photo above, the plates add an interchangeable variation of hues. By highlighting those colors with other removable objects such as a lamp and pillows the space can be easily transitioned depending on your mood.
Hanging pots and pans is creative and a great organization help. It allows you to easily grab what you're looking for without the clanky heavy lifting and searching that would otherwise be necessary if looking through a cabinet.
Bundt cake pans...not what you expected I'm sure but now that you see how fun and retro they can look I bet you'll think twice before you think of hanging ordinary wall embellishments.


  1. Great ideas Ashley! P.S. I lived in Atlanta for 5 years, loved it!

  2. Atlanta is great I'm really enjoying it :) Thanks for commenting on my Blog!