Friday, March 11, 2011

Color Inspiration or Design Conundrum?

As we look around there are so many inspiring colors. The human eye can see up to 16.7 MILLON different colors. With quantities like that you will you ever decide which colors to incorporate in your color scheme. I personally prefer different colors depending on my mood which can be costly because it leads to indecisiveness and the constant craving for change. 

London Fabric

Color inspiring collage

My Fix To This Design Conundrum:
Instead of incorporating color in large costly pieces such as: rugs, sofas, curtains or worse architectural features that are difficult to change such as: back splashes, ornate title floors, wall paper, and painted cabinets. I use color in a slightly more temporary accents when designing my space. The plus: it costs much less to change, you are still able to enjoy all the fun bold colors that may only appeal to your senses for a short period of time, and your design does not have to be stagnate. 

Some Fun Mix-It-Up Ideas:
Add bright flowers to an accent table.

Pillows and cushions are always great because the possibilities are endless!!

Patchwork pillows help you narrow your color scheme...If your like me (indecisive) it is very helpful!

Photographs By: Jane Hall

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  1. I see some Designers Guild fabric in those photos! Amazing colours and great photo choices.