Friday, March 18, 2011

2011 Color Forecast

As we head into the new year here are some fun colors that will continue to grow in momentum over the remainder of the year:

"The hot colors for the home in 2011 cover the  s p e c t r u m  from the depth of black to the subtle optimism of yellow" -Decor Magazine

Below is a list of colors Decor thoughtfully describes to be the IT factor this year complemented by the way I envision their color description.

Decor's 2011 Color List:

Mustard, German not French, with a touch of gray:

A very soft khaki with gray:
Example: the wall paint

Tricia Guild Fabric (the background color)

The grayed purple is richer than lilac. It is the dusty purple of city sunsets with an underlying depth:

I love these doors!

A blue that takes a riff on nautical themes with tints of green and gray. It's a grayed city blue that pairs well with black and navy:

Tricia Guild Fabric

Tricia Guild Fabric

I love how calming this blue is! When I redo my bedroom this is my #1 choice!

Pale yellow is slightly grayed giving it a sense of substance:

Tricia Guild Fabric (Ex: background color)

Spring leafy green with a small D r O p of gray:

Soft and satiny orange, not bright, with a hazy gray dusting:

I hope you liked my perception of the 2011 color forecast! I love every color...but my favorite is the blue-gray! Hope you enjoy!

Do you think my visions were accurate? Would you have chosen a different color based on their description?

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