Monday, March 14, 2011

Creative Organization Tips

In an apartment storage is always a rare commodity so I say why not create your own? It looks great and it hides all the excess crap (I use that term lightly) you've come to obtain over the years.

Tip 1: Use a shoe rack to house smaller items such as thread, rolled up sketches, bolts of fabric etc. depending on your hobby of choice. 

Tip 2: MAKE IT FUN: If you're not dull (and I know you're not) why should your space feel that way... Add fun empowering colors to give your organization a boost!

Tip 3: Bookshelves are great not just for books... Use a bookshelf to house magazine boxes that coordinate with your color scheme. The product: a stream line collection of storage space that caters to your storage needs.

Tip 4: In a small space even a bookcase can deplete volatile space. The answer: purchase a bookshelf that expands vertically toward the ceiling instead of outward. Plus a tall piece of furniture draws the eyes upward which gives the ellusion of taller ceilings.

Tip 5: Pair accessories with your creation to add a personal touch. Natural substances are also work well because they soften the hard lines of the boxes.

Tip 6: A utility cart is also a great structure for coupling monocramatic fabric boxes. The labels not only help with organization they also make your arrangement look clean and simple.

Was this information helpful in achieving your organization success?

Photographs By: Sandra Dias

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