Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Find Your Muse

I indulge in viewing art on a regular basis. I find that it allows you to temporarily escape into the mind of the artist and it also provides an intriguing color theme inspiration. I designed my bedroom around the subtle hues of the painting End of Day by artist John Allinson (right). This painting incorporates warm and cool colors in a capturing way. I translated this spectacular piece of art into a sultry chic bedroom design that is alluring and calming all in one small space.

I started with a wrought iron bed frame with an antique brushed gold finish and for the bed linens I chose soft pink bed sheets and a damask patterned comforter accented by two european blue euro shams complemented by a layer of two standard damask pillows and two square antique purple and soft pink geometric patterned pillows. The combination of pillows introduces the color palate that I pulled out the painting and allows the bed to be the shinning star of the room. When designing a bedroom it is very important to have a strong focal point and then work outward from there.  Truthfully I would have never thought to use this color combination but every idea has a starting place. 

Good luck on your inspiring color adventure!

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