Monday, March 28, 2011

Amp UP Your Work Space


Tip 1: Living in an apartment you have to make tough decisions, what's more important a dinning room or an office? Well with a marvelous hutch you don't have to vacillate between difficult design decisions. You can have the best of both worlds because the hutch uses minimal space while providing a great organizational work environment. Great for any small space!

Tip 2: The hutch is dramatic. It can transform any room into a multi purpose function. A hutch can be used in a bedroom living room, kitchen etc. It's versatile and modest in width so the possibilities for placement are endless. 

Tip 3: Color choice: a white hutch gives the illusion of more space while a black hutch is bold and dramatic!

Tip 4: Save space by placement:  Save space by positioning your desk in a corner next to a window. You'll enjoy the wonderful view while getting work done and save space. If you don't have a hutch and don't want to invest in another piece of furniture right now use your existing desk.

Tip 5: A desk can also double as a vanity. Just add a mirror, perfume, jewelry etc. and voila! you've got an area to tackle two important activities without sacrificing your needs!

Space saver: Humbly sized and fully functional this desk is perfect for a small space addition. Available at

Tip 6: Don't be afraid to utilize wall space. A shelf hung above a desk provides easily accessible storage. (Add coffee canisters for a thrifty organization tool!)

Tip 7: Double time: take this table and position the side against the wall, lift the leaf and move a barstool to the other side and then magically creative workspace for two! Available at

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Adore the floral shade print~ nice way to add colors!

  2. I love, love, love tip 5! I love the idea of the desk being doubled as a vanity. Never thought to do that. Great post!

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