Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Versatility of Stripes

Paint is the cheapest way to transform a space, at $30 a gallon its the go to facelift application for any space. As for techniques, stripes can transform a small room into a seemingly endless optical illusion. A great for any small space such as a loft or an apartment.
Credit:; These narrow stripes allows for a variety of color, each shade chosen picks up from the vase of chic flowers spreading the presence of nature across the room. The touches of blue allow the mind to stay grounded amongst the subtle hues. 
The image above uses stripes as a bold yet soft statement within this design.  The timely backdrop allows the furniture to pop.
 To make your walls look elongated paint vertical stripes.  To give the appearance of length paint horizontal stripes. Bold stripes can add an art deco appeal such as those in the image pictured above. Subtle stripes that are painted in monochromatic hues can create a sultry touch of elegance.  Stripes can be wide, narrow, diagonal, done in stencil or even wall papered. You'll be amazed at how promising a small change such as painting a wall can make within your home.  
I love the metallic stripes against the French blue.

As pictured in Better Homes and Gardens: The stripes in this room add a fun flare of youth without making the space over baringly busy. The white furniture allows the walls to be the star in this bedroom creation.

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