Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chic Distress

In an apartment it is very important to use your space effectively. Reccently, the design world has given rise to glamourous mirrored accessories and furniture, a great tool to amplify your space.  Lately, I have been infatuated with these acidic wonders, after seeing these beautiful images I'm sure you will be too. Each item will surely be a sparkling gem in any room!
 Notice that the image above and below have the same furniture but they've created a dramatic difference by simply changing the paint color, altering a few bed linens and rearranging easy fix any DIY girl can do! 
Source: Crate and Barrel; These distressed mirrors look wonderous on any wall and even better showcased in a gallery setting.  Because these mirrors continue into the frame they create more angles for reflection!
 Source: Anthropologie; This delicious orange cream scented candle is elegantly encased by this dazzling canister...very chic!
Look at all the wonderful angles in this piece...

Source: for vanity and dinning table--Pier1 (Hayworth Collection)
Source: Z-Gallerie; Mercury glass candle sticks...I MUST have them :)

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