Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The First Step To Making Your Space Feel Like a Home

Many people are lost when it comes to making a space feel personable. Each persons space is defined by certain quirks that defines themselves whether it be a stacks of hard back books on the coffee table or mis-matched cutlery. The brilliant part about making your space yours is that it isn't always intentional.  When you are residing in your specified place of comfort it should be just that comfortable. I find that in order to successfully manage and create a humble abode one must think of what they plan to use each area for. For instance, if you like to read in the living room I suggest making a designated area dedicated to enjoying your literature. I would begin with a nice comfortable chair with a throw draped over the back with a charming side table perched next to it. Then I would begin to add other fitting items such as a small stack of books, a bright lamp, a vase of lime hydrangeas and a vintage tea cup and saucer.   Many people get lost in the streamline whirl of matching every detail; I know everyone is familiar with the infamous "streamlinest:" the person who has a designated place for each decorative pillow on their sofa and a place setting on their table on a regular basis. I myself used to be a victim of this harsh way of living until one day I suddenly realised that beauty does not span from perfectly placed objects and color coordinations, although they do play a small role; beauty is what you perceive it to be. That is what is so wonderful about creating your own space, it may no be fitting for someone else but it feels warm and inviting to you when you walk through the door after a long day of work.  Design is customizable to fit whatever needs you have, the first step is grasping your need and allowing it to seamlessly meld into a cozy environment.
Drawing inspired by Blog; Artist: Ashley Lauren

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