Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Matching Finishes are Overated

When you're on a tight budget you take what you can get. Before it might have seemed overwhelming, all the mismatched nick-knacks you've come to collect over the years piling up in your closet. Whether they've come into your possession via your friend's garage or your parents' storage unit those unwanted treasures are now tools you can use to create a vintage work of art.  The clustering of similar objects such as mirrors can be used to create a collage that amplifies your space. Mirrors are also great because they make the room appear larger. Combining finishes can allow for a more comforting feng shui within your abode. In my apartment I recently paired a round oak table with antique bronzed chairs. I don't like to buy any furniture in sets, it's too matchy and overbearing, in my opinion it resembles a room within a furniture catalogue, staged and cold. You'll find an amble amount of creative possibilities when using accessories around your home as long as the look is not over done and the objects are carefully placed in a way that's appealing to the eye, the possibilities are endless.

Source:; In this image the designer mixed antique rustic finishes with vibrant new ones to create a gallery that is pleasing to the eye. The mixture of small and large items furthers the minds interest in to a continuous array of eye pleasing art.

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